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Call for Posters

Aachen DC Grid Summit (ADCGS) provides a high-quality exhibition area for participants from research and industry to present their latest research and project findings in the field of DC grids. Participants are invited to submit topics on all aspects of DC grids. The topics of interest are precisely described below.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Grid Management & Automation:

  • Design of the automation architecture for AC-MTDC Hybrid, and pure MTDC grids
  • Monitoring systems for hybrid AC-MTDC grids
  • Monitoring of converter station
  • Grid control strategies for power sharing and voltage control for pure MTDC grids
  • Automation devices for DC grid control
  • Grid control strategies for hybrid AC-MTDC grids for ac grid supporting ancillary services
  • Interoperability of converters for MTDC grid operation
  • IEC 61850 based automation of the MTDC converter station

Components – Converters, Switches, Cables:

  • DC-DC converters
  • High-power medium-voltage converters
  • Power semiconductor devices
  • Integration of renewable energy sources and storage systems
  • Converter control and modulation methods
  • DC-circuit breaker topologies
  • DC cables
  • Condition monitoring for power electronic converters and cables
  • Test benches for dc-grid accessories

Business Models, Innovations and Social Aspects:

  • (Social) acceptance of DC and/or new grid technologies
  • Communication of new grid technologies
  • Regulatory aspects of technological change in DC transmission and distribution networks
  • Distribution Expansion with LV- and MV-DC Grids
  • Transmission Expansion with HVDC Grids
  • DC technology market diffusion scenarios
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis for network modernization
  • Regional Economic Analysis of DC Grids
  • Business model design for DC infrastructure operation

Grids – Planning, Operation, Protection:

For DC only and hybrid AC/DC transmission and distribution grids specific topics may include:

  • Planning requirements, concepts and guidelines
  • Normal and disturbed operation
  • Technical requirements and restrictions for operating grids
  • Protection concepts – detection, localization, clearance, restoration of supply
  • Short circuit/fault currents
  • Grounding concepts
  • Demonstrators, field applications, realized and planned projects

For DC only and hybrid AC/DC distribution grids specific topics may include:

  • Industrial experiences and products
  • Grid design, e.g. grid structures, voltage levels, line configurations
  • Grid connection of households and other consumers or generators
  • Transition/conversion from AC to DC grids
  • Future supply tasks with high share of DC technology

All submitted posters will be evaluated with regard to their novelty, fundamental insights, experimental evaluation, and potential for long-term impact, chosen by the Advisory Committee. New idea contributions as well as contributions that significantly advance established areas are strongly encouraged.

Approved posters will be printed out (A0 format) and will be displayed in the exhibition area by their authors. In addition, 5 posters will receive a Best Poster Award and their respective author will also receive a 50% refund of the registration fees.

All posters will be published in the ADCGS conference proceedings. Moreover, they will be made available (both digitally and for download as a PDF file) on a personalized website with exclusive access. A highlight list (poster title and author’s name) will be published on the FEN and ADCGS public websites.

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Please use the official poster templates which you can download here.